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Virtual Conference

Virtual Fundraising

Our ability to deliver professional content is second to none! We have partnered with Manhattan Beach Studios to bring together multiple locations, guests and fundraising platforms in the most entertaining way. We are a professional visual media company specializing in live streaming and editing and are the perfect partner to deliver your critical message. with all the "Bells and Wistles!" 


There is currently a wide range of platforms for sharing your content and even more platforms for receiving contributions. We are designed to work within your structure, building the production, graphics, titles, and camera/audio services that maximize your opportunities for raising funds. The event stays on-line and continues to raise funds long after the Live Event allowing even late attendees to contribute to the cause!


Your audience is not only the people who attend a function.

Your reach is now UNLIMITED & WORLDWIDE! 

While online fundraising is more essential than ever in the sense that
in-person functions are severely limited, your ability to reach out, entertain, conduct fundraising, deliver messages, perform auctions and sell merchandise is now at your fingertips! Whether your event is a Virtual Walk, A Dinner GALA, Concert, or Comedy Show we have the talent and experience to make your event an exciting success. 
 Together we will make MAGIC! 


As a production shop, we cater to the specific needs of our clients. We are not cookie-cutter, boilerplate, one-size-fits-all.
We are your provider and we do it your way!


So think about your audience – consider live hosts, submitted videos, talent shows, silent auctions, votes, surveys, interviews, QR codes, live pay links, and more.

This is your event!

Let us show you all the ways to make it



  • LIVE Streaming Excitement or Edit For Later 

  • Professional Broadcast Quality

  • Pro Cameras, Audio & Lighting

  • Include Live and Pre-Recorded Material

  • Custom Titles and Graphics

  • Include Call-Ins and Remote Guests

  • Unlimited Reach

  • Over 10+ Platforms Simultaneously

  • Telethon, Auctions, Sales of Merchandise

  • A Custom Experience

  • A Partner in Your Success

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