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A Strong Production was founded in 2004 and has developed and produced content in wide variety of mediums: Television, Films, Live Theater, Radio and Internet Media.

A Strong Production

We recognize as a company that the Internet has become an integral part of our community, allowing us many avenues to generate interest, content, knowledge and to touch an audience in ways that were never possible before. We develop and produce content that is unique, creative and at times just stupid.  We partner with other production companies and experts in the entertainment community, combining our talents to produce the highest quality product at the most cost-effective price for projects on demand.

Our company’s foundation is based on love, laughter, knowledge and creativity.  To the many artists that have worked with us in the past we give our undying gratitude. To those that are working with us now let's kick some butt!



Feature Film:  Last 8 Seconds

Television Show: The Really Really Styling Show

On Line:  WTF Theater 

Live: Damaged 70% 0ff


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